Common Mistakes That People Make When Choosing Solar Installation Company In New York

Solar Installation

Choosing An The Solar Installation Company That Offer Cheap Solar Panels

Every homeowner needs to avoid this mistake! When looking for solar installation companies, you should always research what solar panel systems suit your needs best. There are several factors that come into play, for example, your roof size, any shading on the roof, and its direction. If the solar installation company seems to equip you with cheap, less than effective solar panels, then this is a big NO! In New York, there are regulations that need to be met in regards to the quality of solar panels. If the company is not transparent with you about the quality of solar panels, don’t choose them. This is a clear sign that you should look for other, more reputable solar installation companies. All contractors for solar installation in New York should be open about the products they use. They should also inform you which solar panels are best for your home and why. 

How To Avoid This mistake

Luckily, this mistake is so easy to avoid. When getting the quotes from solar installation companies, ask questions freely. Make sure to know the make and model or branding of the solar systems your solar installation company will use. You can look for the brand and its reliability on the internet then.

Not Checking If Your The Solar Installation Company Is CEC Approved

Unfortunately mostly this mistake causes problems for homeowners. If the company does not have accurate accreditation, it will cause you a lot of distress. No matter what the solar installation cost is, don’t forget to see if the company and solar system is approved. The homeowners may not be able to claim any solar rebates or incentives from the government.

When looking to claim solar rebates, it is a MUST to check if your solar installation company is CEC approved.  

Another problem you can face is that your installed solar system might be unsafe. Because of not following the guidelines given by the Clean Energy Council, they can offerless than satisfactory work. Of course, this can result in homeowners having to repair them again and again, thus spending more solar installation costs. 

Here's The Best Way To NOT Make The Same Mistake!!

To avoid this mistake, check if your solar installers are on the CEC approved list. If you cannot find your installation company, then it’s best to give them a miss and find anyone else.

Not Checking The Solar Installation Services Reviews

It is quite possibly one of the most common mistakes the people make while choosing solar installation services. It’s very easy to get caught up with a cooperative professional telling you exactly what you want to hear. Unfortunately, this may lead you to forget about checking the solar installation company’s reviews. It is, however, really significant to check what other people’s personal experience with the contractors. 

Solar installation services reviews give an authentic insight into how the chosen company conducts its work, business, and values. You might also find service for solar installation in New York with 0 reviews. Again this should be prevented until they become a reputable supplier and installer. If you see any extremely bad reviews, check to see the company’s response to how they are handling any issues. This is a great way to see how the solar installation contractors would treat you if there were any problems! 

Here's How Homeowners Can Be Sure To Avoid It

You can avoid this mistake by simply reading your solar installation company reviews. Don’t forget to check reviews on multiple platforms. When you are talking to their team member, ask for any case studies that they have. If they are reputable, they will be proud of their work and want to share. If you find that the consultant is unenthusiastic to share their reviews or case studies, don’t choose them. 

Choosing A Solar Installation Company That Doesn't Offer After-Sales Care & Support

By far, it is the most frustrating mistake for homeowners in New York. Most of the customers leave reviews about after-sales care and support. It definitely matters to every homeowner as problems may occur anytime. If the company does not offer some form of aftercare solar installation services, then it’s seriously best to choose someone else. 

It is essential is because you want to get even a small issue sorted quickly and without any stress. Having to wait around for a few weeks before your solar company even replies to you is not a good sign. You don’t know enough how significant having after-sales support in your contract really is. Whenever you have any issues or confusion, your company should get the problems fixed as soon as possible. 

The Best Way To Prevent Such Mistakes From Happening!!

Give a thorough read to solar installation in the New York contract to find out what kind of after-sales care you get. You can get ideas from the previous customer record or can ask questions from the team. From their response to such questions, you can guess what support they will give you. 

Not Checking The Warranties You Get On A Solar Installation In New York

There are two types of warranties; product warranties and solar installation service warranty. Overlooking to check warranties can be a huge mistake made by first-time solar buyers. It really is a very significant step in choosing the right solar installation company. If your solar system is not performing or there is a problem with your installation, you can ask for a replacement. The warranty will cover you from extra solar installation costs. Any solar installation companies offering small or no warranties should be avoided. For every solar system, you should aim for solar panel performance warranties of more than 20 years of performance. When it comes to the solar installation service warranty, it great should be anything for about ten years. 

Exactly How To Avoid This

The easiest way to avoid this is to not choose solar installation contractors who don’t offer long-lasting warranties. Get knowledge of what warranties come with your systems and with the service of solar installation in New York. Avoid any solar installation service that offers no warranties!

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