How many solar panels are required to power an average house?

Solar Panel Installation

Solar systems are the most affordable energy solutions that make use of natural renewable sources; sunlight. Using solar systems for power generation has become common in most of the areas of New York. Every person prefers a cost-efficient method that doesn’t need any additional expenses. Choosing the best solar energy system for a home can be a complicated step. It should be chosen to fulfill all your energy needs and be suitable for your place. Various factors decide which solar system and how many panels you need for your home

The solar systems are designed to generate a specific amount of energy. For every solar installation project, it’s crucial to determine the number of solar panels you need for your home. If you want to maximize return on your investment or minimize carbon footprints, choose a system that is compatible with your energy needs. Solar systems can create energy while reducing environmental pollution. Most of the people get confused about how many solar panels to power a house. The most straightforward answer is to consult solar panel installation companies to get a free home solar evaluation.

How many Solar Panels can fulfill the Energy Needs of an Average Home? 

To calculate the number of solar panels for your household, you need to evaluate your energy usage. It includes all the appliances and their average time of consuming electricity every day. Other factors that play a role in power generation of a solar system are your roof’s surface area, climate change. The efficiency of the solar system you are choosing also affects its power generation. Your past utility bills can help you in determining your home’s average energy requirements. This household’s hourly energy usage can be used to calculate the number of solar panels you need for your home. To find it, multiply your hourly energy usage with peak sunlight hours then divide it by solar panel’s wattage.

The efficiency of solar power is directly related to sunlight. For maximum power generation, solar panels should be installed at places with maximum sun exposure. To find the number of solar panels, take into account low-wattage (150W) and high-wattage (370W) solar panels. The other factors, like your roof area and battery storage, will also figure in.The top solar companies offer systems with the best combination of quality and efficiency. Our solar experts at Quality Solar Power offer the most efficient solar panels for home in New York. They will handle all the calculations for you. But to give you an idea, here is a guide to figure out the number of panels for your home. 

The Average Energy Usage of a Home Depends upon their used Kilowatts

To find your average usage of electricity, look for the “Kilowatt Hours Used” in your electricity bill. If you can’t find it, look for something related to it and note the period too. Mostly the represented period is 30 days. If your usage is not mentioned in the electricity bill, look for the beginning and ending meter readings. The energy usage can be calculated subtracting the previous reading from the recent one. Sometimes, your yearly or monthly usage is mentioned in your electricity bill. But you need daily and hourly usage so you can convert it accordingly. If annual usage is given, divide it by 365, and by 30 for monthly usage, the answer will be your daily usage. Now divide daily usage by 24 to calculate your hourly energy usage. In temperate climate conditions, small homes use approximately 200 kWh per month and larger homes, on average, 2000 kWh.

The energy usage is strongly affected by the number of air conditioners at home as they consume maximum power. It is an estimate that average homes in the USA have 900kWh monthly energy usage. It means their hourly energy usage is 1.25 kWh. Your hourly energy usage is the number of kilowatt-hours your solar system should produce. After calculating energy usage, it will become easier to find the number of solar panels required to meet your energy needs. But another thing to notice is that even most efficient solar panels can’t sometimes operate maximally. Various weather conditions can affect power production, so it’s better to add an average 25 percent “cushion” to your daily target.

The Peak Hours of Sunlight affects the Power Generation

Solar systems make use of sunlight to generate power, and the power generation is highest on peak sunlight hours. The climate conditions have a substantial impact on power generation for a specific area. For example, in sunny areas, solar systems can generate more power as compared to cloudy ones. It doesn’t mean that areas with less sunshine can’t generate solar energy. But they will need more solar panels to fulfill their energy requirements. As top solar installers of New York, we at Quality Solar Power understand the energy needs of every home type. Being local solar installers, we can offer solar installation considering weather conditions.

Multiply your hourly energy usage with 1000 to convert it into watts. Then divide the watts by the number of sunlight hours of your area. The answer will be the energy that your solar panel needs to create for your home. The average energy usage in the US is 900kWh, and the peak sunlight hours are five. So the homes will need a solar system that generates 6250-watt energy on average. 

The Efficiency and Size of the Solar System matters the most

Solar panels come in a range of sizes, efficiencies, and qualities. The efficiency of a solar system will have a remarkable effect on its power generation. The size of the solar panel also has the same effect. If you have an unusually shaped roof, solar panel size and numbers are significant concerns. For a more extensive area roof, you can mount the solar system at a place with maximum exposure to sunlight. But if your roof area is limited and is partially shaded, you’ve to use high-efficiency solar panels. Quality Solar power offers the most efficient home solar panels in New York. The solar panel’s surface area affects its efficiency as more surface area can absorb more sunlight.

Reputable solar panel installation companies deliver systems with large surface area to ensure maximum efficiency. The numbers of solar panels for average homes are calculated, taking into account all of the above conditions. Most of the solar installers calculate energy usage and install solar system accordingly. Every home has its unique energy needs and dimensions, so it’s better to contact a professional to find a suitable system.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company?

Choosing the right solar installer is the first step to your greener future. Various companies claim to be of the best service and product provider, but you should do some investigation too. To choose the right solar company, look for their customer reviews and the systems that they deliver. You can make decisions by checking their service and product ratings. If you need solar installation in New York, Quality Solar Power offers the best residential solar power systems. We enhance your experience with solar energy by providing solar systems with maximum efficiency and install them to generate maximum electricity  

Quality Solar Power is the most reputable solar panel installation company in New York. We deliver quality products to ensure maximum solar power efficiency. The construction of our solar systems makes them durable and more resistant to cracking. You don’t have to spend on solar panel maintenance; they can operate flawlessly for years. We have earned a leading reputation for providing the best home solar panel system in New York.

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