Privacy Policy

Our Customer's Privacy Is Our Commitment

At Quality Solar Power, our policy is to take care of our consumers’ privacy and security. We keep our customer’s information safe and protected. The information you share with our team or fill in the form on our websites will be kept secured and protected. Our commitment to keeping customer’s privacy defines what kind of data or details we collect on Quality Solar Power. Our privacy policy also includes how to utilize your details and the ability to abdicate. 

Obtaining the Personally Identifiable Customer's Data

There are certain contact boxes on our web pages where the customers can submit their requests for solar installation quotes. There is no section that includes the collection of detailed personal information. The questions are simple and general about your area and contact information so that our team can easily access your place. In every survey form, you’ve to answer a few general points like: 

  • First and last name of the customer
  • Detailed address including Zip code, street, and city 
  • Email Address
  • Contact number

Obtaining Customer’s Non-Personally Identifiable Data

Besides collecting general information, we sometimes also collect the data about the computer or operating systems like a web browser, java script enabling status, IP address, and referral of our audiences. The basic aim of collecting such small details at Quality Solar Power is to enhance user experience. This data can then be used by our advertising campaigns to remarket those website viewers. 

Using the Client’s Information

Once you enter your information and click the submit button, your provided quote request and information to our website will be delivered to our partners. At this stage of the information collection process, there is not any contractor network connected to us. Then we connect our website, viewers, with local contractors working with some reliable partners. 

On the basis of project type and their command of accepting the quote requests, the partners are selected. When the users submit their quote request, the partners can receive and accept them. When the system chooses a partner, we automatically deliver the quote and relevant information to our selected partners.

Then the partners will take responsibility for identifying the most suitable solar installation contractors for your project. This selection is made carrying out a matching process. The matching process for selection is influenced by many aspects but not limited to the request quote project report determined by the user answers to our form’s various questions (e.g., install or repair windows). After viewing the user answers, the quote request will be complemented with one to four contractors. But in some cases, the partner can also not be able to match your quote with any other contractors.

Communication: After Customers Submit Their Quote Request 

When matching with suitable contractors is done, the partner and matched contractor will try to connect with you via phone call or email. This communication is aimed to update customers of who you have been matched to. This call will include a discussion of your project and its service cost. Furthermore, the partner can use your basic data and information for marketing purposes. The call may include contacting customers about their requests and other services that we think they might be interested in. Quality Solar Power itself will not attempt to carry out any communication with the viewers who submit a quote request. This is the reason that our partner companies will communicate with them. After submission of the quote request, we’ll send you an email confirmation.

Sharing Information between Partner and Contractor

The information you share with Quality Solar Power will immediately be conveyed to our partners. The partners will, in turn, share the data and information you provided with the network of their contractors. When we send your quote request, not any team member will ever try to share your personal information or data with any third party. Your personally identifiable Customer Information is a part of this request quote.

Deletion of the Customer’s Personally Identifiable Information

The customers can ask for the deletion of their information and data from our database anytime. For requesting the deletion of personal data, our customers can contact us at our email at It is our policy that we will wholly remove the data of customers who ask for deletion from our servers. But, they have to connect their opting-out request with the contractors who collect their quotation request. They also have to transfer this request to the partner who connected them with those contractors. After receiving the deletion request, the partner will directly connect with you to offer a clear way to opt-out of your data from the contractor’s systems. 

Your Data Security Is Our Commitment

We follow a specific procedure that will ensure the correct use of data, inhibit illegal access, and maintain data accuracy. There is an appropriate physical, electronic, and management procedure that will keep the information protected and secured that we collect online. For example, we do updates to our server’s software, but it is not limited to the database server, operating system, and web server.

To Access or Correct the Provided Data

The information may sometimes not be correct. If you want to access or correct your data, you need to email the accurate data at The corrected information will then be passed to our partners. They will then carry out the connecting process of contractors and homeowners. After combining the data, partners will update the new information in our database systems.

Agreement to Our Online Privacy Policy

After the submission of your information, you make sure that you agree with the Online Privacy Policy Terms of Quality Solar Power. At every step of our process, we aim to do every change with proper customer’s attention. Our policies are clearly offered on our website; if we change any of them, we’ll mention it clearly on our site. Quality Solar Power keeps on updating the online privacy policy to improve our client’s security and privacy. 

Contact Us

You can send us an email at to know more about our privacy policy and basic terms.